Construction decoration area is predicted to be recovered in the next half year


According to Li Yusi, Journalist of China Economy, regulate and control of real estate market policy remains the same, which impact the lower-stream construction and decoration industry. With a rebound of the real estate sale and the improvement of capital position, the decoration orders increased a lot. Experts took a positive attitude to the following year market during 2011 China construction and decoration Forum.


Experts predicted recovering of market in the next half year


"This year is supposed to be a low point in the past ten years. Problems can be seen on labor. There were labor shortage in the past, and this year it is labor contractor call us asking for a job” Li erlong said, who is the General manager of ShenZhou Great Wall Construction Ltd. He indicated that although there were 50% growth in the business turnover, the growth speed declined  Zhangbin, the vice president of Yuanyang decoration and construction company says, business turnover grew double on former years, but this year may only by 80% as prospective. Under the depression, construction enterprise should develop some new areas like railway transportation, medical, hotel project and real estate. "


Even though, experts hold a positive attitude to the following year market. Mr.Li predicts that it still goes slowly the first half year, but it may recover in the next half year. One reason is the huge demand in domestic market, the second reason is that commercial projects have not been reflected yet. The third reason is that market is going to be mature and the improvement in technology, more chances for large decoration enterprise which is estimated to get a higher profit.

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