From Tradition to Modernization-----10 years development of stone industry


Serious pollution problems, low level of technology, mainly hand-made process, the problems of which are existed in the stone industry 10 years ago. Stone industry in China are developing gradually into a modern industry with features of low carbon emission, machine process-oriented and industrial cluster.  


Mr. Zou Chuansheng, Chairman of China Stone Association introduced to journalist the great change of stone industry in the past 10 years. In the year 2000, revenue of large scale stone enterprises in China was less than 20 billion Chinese yuan. In 2011 the revenue turned out to be more than 230 billion Chinese yuan. Stone product import amount was only 400 million US Dollar in 2000. But in 2011 this value increased to 2.5 billion US Dollar. And Stone product export amount in 2000 was 800 million US dollar while till 2011, increased to 5.1 billion US Dollars.


Eliminating backward capacity in stone industry


Mr. Zou believes that the development of stone industry have a connection with the adjustments of internal structure. Stone quarrying and normalization work were proceeding national wide in the past 10 years. Illegal small quarries and factories were gradually closed. With the help of stratagem that supporting high quality and eliminating backward capacity, backward stone factories were replaced and large scale stone enterprises won a bigger development space. In 2010, about 50 stone enterprises’ annual turnover exceeded 200 million Chinese yuan.  About 20 stone enterprises’ annual turnover exceed 500 million Chinese yuan. Moreover, part of stone enterprises extended for oversea stone resources, and some leading enterprises received oversea orders.


Mr.Zou indicated that quarrying technology changed from drilling blasting to machine cutting in the past 10 years. Technology like chamber blasting is out of date and prohibited. The degree of automation in stone processing has been improved. Large and middle scale stone enterprises can reach the standard of water recycling and waste discharge. Technology of stone offcut utilization have a big progress. Products like artificial stone, stone mosaics which made of stone offcut have been running well in the market.


10 years ago, stone processing was mainly manual work, Mr.Zou said. Nowadays, cutting machine, automatic polishing machine, quarrying round saw and block loading machine which made in China are not only wildly used in domestic stone industry, but also are exported.


Besides, stone processing equipments and technology with automation, digitalization and intelligentize have been widely used. At present, large stone enterprises usually equipped with Infrared cutting machine, digital control machine, automatic polishing line, gluing line ect. Advanced machines like diamond wire saw, round saw and chain saw are used in stone quarrying industry.


Part of stone enterprises design delicate stone products with AUTO CAD, some even built up stone art creation center with the intent to develop the ability of designer and make the extra value of stone products.


Cluster-style developement is the outstanding features of stone industry. Mr. Zou said. Over 30 large scale stone Industrial clusters are located all over China now. The production of stone Industrial clusters takes 80% of the total amount in China stone industry. In addition, the developement of stone Industrial clusters makes contribution to logistic, machine maintance, installation and professional caring, and www.3eeezw.comat the same time puts forward regional economy.


Mr. Zou said, stone industry development were blind and lake of overall planning 10 years ago. This defect led to resource wastage, pollution and ecocide. Government focus more on resource saving and environmental protection now. Through improvement and rectification of small quarries and factories, they reduce resources wastage.

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