China stone industry has been keeping rapid growth for 8 years. China Architecture, 23th Aug. 2012




China have become the largest stone producer, exporter and consumer in the world since 2005. And China stone industry have been keeping high-speed growth in 8 consecutive years. Stone processing and production rate are about 20% of the world level. China stone industry is becoming the hot spot in the world and supporting the development of global stone industry.


The latest statistic shows that form January to May 2012, the production of nature marble reached about 42.6 million SQM, increased 23.21% than last year. And the production of nature granite products reached about 153.34 million SQM, increased 35.54%.


Stone industry, as one of the promising global industries, has been with rapid growth in recent years. Stone production and trading increases 7.3% and 9.2% ever since 1990. Experts predicted that the annual output value of global stone industry will exceed 300 billion US dollars in the year 2015.

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