Stone business Opportunity in 18th CPC National Congress


On 26th Dec 2012, Beijing Stone Forum and Stone Fair association was held in Beijing West Union Stone Market. Mr. Zou Chuansheng, Chairman of China Stone Association analysed Mr. Hu Jintao’s report and predicted the trend of China stone industry in the next decade.


Mr. Hu Jintao’s report figured out that on the year 2020, GNP will be doubled than 2010, which means GNP rate will increase 7.2% yearly in the coming decade. It is a good news to stone industry that according to experience, the increase rate of stone industry are higher than that of GNP.


Mr. Zou pointed out that 18th CPC National Congresshighlightings the future urbanization construction in our country, and make it clear to speed up the construction of urbanization, and at the same time puts forward the stratagem of "every kid is sent to school, every one has work to do, everybody has a place to live in, every sick is treated and the elderly is taken cared of. “To meet the target, considerable stone material will be used and lots of apartments will be built, investment in construction of hospitals will be increased. Currently community hospitals in Beijing have huge construction space. Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Citizen Hospital, and Jishuitan Hospital are all constructing new buildings gradually. Labor population influx into city will brings numerous of nursing home construction demands. Nursing home construction needs large labor and materials, especially in large city like Beijing and Shanghai. Keeping pace with urbanization process, construction of schools, hospitals and nursing homes will be undertaking everywhere, which will bring new opportunities to the stone enterprises.



Mr.Zou Chuansheng says, stone fair is the best platform for displaying products, meeting new clients, exchanging technology and demonstrating company image. China stone association will guide 2013 Beijing stone fair to serve stone enterprises and lead the developement of stone industry. 2013 Beijing stone fair will be held on 18th to 20th April, 2013 on Beijing China International Center. Beijing STONETECH will guide stone enterprise of North Area of China.

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