Xiamen Aims at the big market of "International Stone Center"


1200 stone import&export enterprises rooted in Xiamen while 6000 stone factories settled in Xiamen.


At present, there are over 500 stone trading companies, 10 ports and 10 building material markets located in Xiamen. Fujian becomes the biggest production and export base in China. Xiamen, as the regional financial service center between Taiwan and Mainland, plays a very important role in the development of stone industry in Fujian province.


Since 2012, Xiamen International Stone Trading Center attracted abundant investments. Till now, there are about 80 enterprises have entered in, some of which are world famous stone companies. According to rough statistics, over 1200 stone import&export enterprises rooted in Xiamen, 6000 stone factories settled around Xiamen. The yearly Xiamen International Stone Fair aims at the world's No. 1 stone fair. Xiamen International Stone Trading Center is leading the global stone market.


According to the data from Xiamen Customs, from January to November 2012, Xiamen had exported 4.3327 million tons stone products, valued of $2 billion, separately as 63% of the total amount of stone export in China, 70.17% of export value, continually ranked the No.1 of China market of stone production and export value.

Stone enterprises of Fujian province are concentrately located in Shuitou Nanan City, which is famous for "China stone industry city" Not only does it have rich stone resources, but also good geographic location and a long history of stone. Nanan has become an important collection and distribution center of talents, investments and information.

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