Stone is still leading upmarket decoration market “Sina Real estate” March.20th,2013


Natural Stone decoration gives us noble and elegant feeling, thus it is our favorite and various man-made stone emerge.


The continuous emerge of ceramic tile, crystallized stone, artificial stone and composite tile, which are increasingly realistic stone texture, should it be huge strike to natural stone market? No matter how they look like natural stone, they are absolutely not. Natural Stone focus on high-end projects. Its high grade and top level catch clients’ fancy without taking notice of its high price.


“It is normal in building materials market that new will take place of old” Fujian stone industry general secretary GuoJingwei says, Even so, he is still confident in the dominance of the stone as high-end decoration material


Although there are various alternative materials appear in current market, limited by their advantages and disadvantages, they can not impact much on natural stone. natural stone is considered as radioactive material all the time, which is the key point that all kinds of new material attack natural stone. We don’t need to worry about The radioactivity of natural stone, the Italian stone senior consultant and architecture advisor PieroPrimavori says. He spends one year more working with universities in Italy, doing research on 40 more kinds of stone material. He finds the radiation of stone is minimal, there are not any researches show that it does harm to human body.


There are 3d ink-jet technology for ceramic tiles, but still can not be perfect simulation ; The artificial stone is high in simulation, but because of low technology it Is scratched in outdoor pavings. So it is still a long way to go for these alternatives.


“Some poor quality ceramic and artificial stone do harm to human health because of their inner elements.” The industry professor says. www.3eeezw.comIt all depends to judge good and poor.


For stone companies, the most important thing is to improve itself and do good service. increasing its added value in high-end projects" A Stone company official says. stone enterprises should study the marketing from ceramic enterprise and focus on refined decoration and home decoration.


Professional analysis “stone product market is prospective in the year 2013”

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