The decorative stones made a gorgeous turn to Green Glass.


The decorative stones made a gorgeous turn to Green Glass., 22th, Feb 2013


It causes pollution during the process of stone mining and manufacturing, which is a headache to the factory owners. It costs not only money but also negative effects to the companies if they do not deal with the pollutants in a good way. National institude from Brazil recently developed a new technology that can make use of the decorative stones (offcuts from marble and granite) fabricating glass.


It is necessary to add some oxides using offcuts from stone to fabricate glass, for example, the SiO2 using in CaCO3 glass processing, www.3eeezw.comcombined with the offcuts from stone, sands, CaCO3, adopted with a certain mixing ratio, make it close to the commercial glass at most.


Taking advantages of these stone offcuts obviously decrease the pollution to the environment.

The last environmental effect is that the iron oxide could be reused, this kind of material can be used in the production of  green glass as colorant, which sells very well in the market. The invention had guided a new way in solving the problem of stone wastes, and made a full use of stone.

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